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    9 products

    Refurbished and Used Coalesse Office Furniture

    Discover the elegant fusion of aesthetics and functionality with our selection of Coalesse office furniture. At 乱伦社区, we specialize in providing stylish, sustainable solutions for modern workspaces.

    Coalesse, a division of Steelcase, designs furniture with the goal of encouraging collaboration and productivity. With roots in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and design influences from San Francisco, 乱伦社区鈥檚 refurbished pieces from Coalesse bring innovative and timeless design directly to your office. Launched at the 2008 NeoCon World鈥檚 Trade Fair in Chicago, Coalesse integrates the distinctive offerings of Steelcase鈥檚 Brayton, Metro, and Vecta with global brands like Carl Hansen & Son and Walter Knoll. The Coalesse brand focuses predominantly on workplace furnishings, reflected in its diverse seating and office solutions. Beyond traditional offices, Coalesse furniture excels in numerous settings such as home offices, educational facilities, healthcare centers, hospitality venues, and creative spaces. Coalesse furnishings help to create modern, adaptable, stylish environments that enhance productivity and well-being across various industries.聽

    Elevate your office's comfort and style with our range of Coalesse lounge chairs, designed to offer unparalleled ergonomic support and sleek, modern aesthetics, perfect for both informal gatherings and high-focus work environments. Explore how the craftsmanship of Coalesse chairs offers contemporary design, advanced engineering, and ergonomic and adjustable features for dynamic workspaces. Our selection of Coalesse tables also stands out for their robust construction and versatile design options. They are ideal for collaborative spaces with innovative, scalable designs that promote teamwork and creativity.

    At 乱伦社区, we pride ourselves on revitalizing quality office furniture. Our Chicagoland-based showroom showcases our extensive Coalesse furniture collection and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and affordability without compromising on style. Ready to transform your workspace with sophisticated, environmentally conscious office furniture? Visit our showroom or browse our Coalesse collection online today. Find the perfect blend of beauty and functionality at unbeatable prices.

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